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In the Hindu religion, rats represent foresight and prudence, and white ones are very lucky. Mooshika is the name of the steed that Ganesh - god of new beginnings and of fire, knowledge, wisdom, literature and worldly success - rides upon. The steed, of course, is the intelligent and gentle rat. “Mooshika” means “little hoarder.”

Dans la religion hindoue, les rats représentent la prévoyance et la prudence, les blancs étant considérés comme particulièrement chanceux. Mooshika est le nom du destrier de Ganesh – dieu des nouveaux départs, du feu, du savoir, de la sagesse, de la littérature et du succès matériel. Ce destrier, bien sûr, est un digne représentant de la race douce et intelligente des rats. Le nom ''Mooshika'' signifie petit amasseur.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Secret Life of Field Mice

The Secret Life of Field Mice

Anyone who has had pet mice can assure you, these tiny creatures have the spark of intelligence and a lot of personality. As for charm, you need look no further than all the cultural representations we have of mice, for both adults and children as audiences. But I have never seen such photographs as have been captured by a pair of Alsatian photographers, Jean-Louis Klein and Marie-Luce Hubert. The pictures are breathtaking, and I urge you to explore the comments and all background information you can find, after first reading the article.
This picture is linked from the website of the two photographers, who specialize in wildlife photography.

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